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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Child-like at Disneyland

I am not much of a Disney fan. Probably because we were never really truly acquainted with the cartoon characters as we were growing up. Visual media then have yet to reach the shores of our island.

That’s why when I was in the US, I even skipped visiting Disneyland. It just didn’t charm me enough.

But with nothing much to do during my spare time here, a visit to Disneyland Tokyo became inevitable. One, it turned out to be just four train stations away from my residence. Two, this year is Tokyo-Disneyland’s 25th anniversary, so it’s pretty sure some nice surprises await the visitors.

So off I went. Allow me to let the pictures speak. Needless to say, I had fun.

The Disney characters doing the Anniversary Greeting.Tokyo Disney Hotel
The Formula One Race Track
Toon House

Big Thunder Mountain
Jungle Cruise
Pirates of the Caribbean
Toon Town Facade
Tom Sawyer Cruise
Critter Country


Belen said...

Thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures. Ayan na naman ako, parang nakarating na rin sa Disneyland Tokyo

Lawstude said...

Wow. When I was younger, I always wanted to go to Disneyland. Too bad we can't afford it so we just go to Enchanted Kingdom.

Now that I am older, the crave is no longer there. Hmmm. maybe if I had kids na lang.

carlotta1924 said...

tokyo disney looks almost exactly like the one in anaheim. the 7th pic looks unfamiliar tho. anong feature yun?

R-yo said...

Belen: You can always plan on visiting Disneyland. Mas malapit sa Hongkong. Mura pa!

R-yo said...

Lawstude: Funny thing is, ni hindi pa ko nakakapunta ng Enchanted Kingdom! bwehehehe

Carlotta: The falls? Sa jungle cruise yan. Ayun nga sa promo materials ng Tokyo Disney, exact replica daw sya ng sa Anaheim.

coldman said...

It's the happiest place on earth! Halos maluha-luha nga ako ng makita ko si Mickey Mouse. I might go back to LA again, basta punta ako ulit dun! =)

R-yo said...

ang drama naman nito. dapat nakaharap ka nung magpapicture para ma confirm namin na maluha-luha ka nga. :-)

acey said...

wow, cool!!!

looks like a lot of fun!!!


salamat sa advice (RE: confirming the agent)..

anw, di pa ko naka punta sa Disney.. hopefully end of this yr.. sa Paris.

Rochelle said...

I have been to the Disney World and Disneyland MANY times. But we are going again for my daughter this summer. She has been begging to go, and I really don't mind taking her. But I would love to take her the Toyko Disney!

Gina said...

Do I take it, there will be a second (3rd,4th...) visit in the future?
Being in Disney is being like a child again,di ba? Oh, which reminds me, when we were in Disney ,orlando,- we approached Pluto for a photo op, and we greeted him with a cheery 'Hi Goofy!' (ooops,ay,mali)

Ely said...

Same here, things like this doesn't really excite me much.

R-yo said...

acey: tara! pasyal ka dun! :-)

Kris: sosyal nman. Disneyland Paris?!

R-yo said...

Rochelle: Disney is really fantasyland fo kids. You really have to give the opportunity to your daughter to enjoy it as much as she could.

R-yo said...

Gina: I'm sure I'm going to bring my Nanay there when she gets the chance to visit me here.

Ely: ok rin naman siya. piliin mo lang yung mga rides/parks na hindi pang toddlers, he he.

Josh of Arabia said...

i would always love to be a kid (at heart) kahit saan, kahit di disneyland..its wonderful in those places and have fun, the kid's way..

rgds bro..dalaw ka ulit :)

the donG said...

whoa! what a nice place! it's beautiful. definitely better than the one in HK.

ardee sean said...

sana makadalaw ako jan minsan :p

nice place..