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Thursday, February 14, 2008

VD-Japanese Style

It’s Valentines Day.

Not that it matters to me. It’s been years since the last time it delivered something personal. Am I being bitter? Hindi naman masyado (not really). It’s just that it’s too damn cold here! (he he he)

Anyway, Tokyo is abuzz with VD mania just like every other commercialized city. But there’s a strange twist here. Valentine’s Day is reserved for women – meaning it’s the time when they are the ones expected to give gifts to men (normally chocolates). Only the women make the greetings to men and the men do not reciprocate.

The reverse happens on March 14, exactly a month after. That's what they call White Day, the event when the men are bound to “repay” the favor.

Now that’s gender equality!
Or so I thought. Because there’s a strange twist here. Those who received gifts on VD are expected to give back gifts three times the value of what they received.
Now I'm not accepting anything. (as if naman me nagbibigay, he he)


jean said...

Happy Valentine Islander!

islander_aryo said...

salamat po!

Anonymous said...

Any clue as to who sent you that blue envelope? Anyway, happy valentine to you and the family.

Gina said...

Happy Valentine Reo! In case somebody gives you something, don't accept it =))

Gypsy said...

Hmm..White day?? Interesting...count it on the Japs to cook up stuff like that..hehe. I wonder if you got anything from your admirer...hehe.

carlotta1924 said...

ganyan din sa korea and guess what? me black day din sila where singles eat black noodles kasi single nga sila at walang natanggap nung valentine's at white day hehehehe. =)

bisdakbabbles said...

I was shocked when I learned of this one. =D
Last year, my Filipina colleague and I gave "obligatory" chocolates to our teammates.
And true enough, some gave us obviously more expensive goodies.
But not this year. We got transferred to another company and most of our teammates are single. We don't want to give out wrong signals :D

How about you. Did you give out some obligatory chocolates?
Happy V-day btw.

islander_aryo said...

anonymous: i have met the blue giver. :-)

Gina: ang problema, wala namang nagbibigay, kaya wala akong matanggihan.

islander_aryo said...

gypsy: i wish! pero sobrang layo na ni blue bayou kaya wala ng gifts. he he

carlotta: naku! pang black day pala ako.

bisdak: i did get some chocolates - from clients he he.


Belated na lng po.

Abad said...

Happy Balentayms. Sino ba si ...... na pagbibigyan mo ng chocolates?

the nomad said...

my oh-so-wandering mind immediately connects VD with venereal diseases. tsk tsk. reading too much medical fiction.

belated happy valentine's atty!

acey said...

こんにちは!!! おげんきですか?

a late happy v-day, islander. :)


stay warm in tokyo (i wish i could see the place 1 day soon and hopefully find long lost relatives. haha)!

islander_aryo said...

abad: secret .... hehe

nomad: fiction nga ba talaga? :-)

islander_aryo said...

acey: so you have japanes blood? dali! pasyal ka dito!

Keitaro Hanazawa said...

World tour talaga? Kung sakaling mapadpad ka sa Kyoto, you must their confectionary. Yung mga candies na iba-iba yung shape. Saya.

ian said...

hahaha ako man, kala ko venereal disease... due to my medical background, of course hehe well, just like what i posted in my blog- just another ordinary day =] kita mo, lumipas rin!

R-yo said...

Keitaro: At paano ko nman kaya hahanapin yun e tatatlo lang ang alam kong Nihonggo. :-)

Sir Ian: Napaghahalata ka. hehe