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Monday, February 11, 2008

Lost in Shibuya's Sea of People

I have never seen so many people converging in one place during an ordinary day.
But Tokyo’s Shibuya District (ward) is world famous for its “scramble crossing” where people from all directions criss-cross the area fronting the Hachiko exit. If I say “flood” of people, I am being as literal as I could. True, if you don’t join a “current” and meet a throng by your lonesome, you’ll surely not make it to the opposite corner.

Some of you (as I did) must have seen this landmark statue of a dog in one of the legs of the Amazing Race. This is the replica of Hachiko, a dog, who local tales say, waited on his master at Shibuya Station every day from 1923 to 1935. He eventually became a national celebrity for his loyalty.

P.S.There are designated smoking areas in downtown Tokyo. And smokers are directed to lift their lit cigarettes higher than a child's head lest they burn someone. Aint that cool?!


janus said...

its not cool! nakakangawit kaya... same pala dito sa davao ang japan, regulated ang smoking...

carlotta1924 said...

the crowd pics remind me of rush hour in manhattan. if you don't go with the flow you'll surely get crushed on the walls of the subway or bus station, which almost happened to me one time.


Rochelle said...

I was about to write what carlotta wrote! It really reminds me of New York City a lot. I was catching up on your blog, and I am loving your pics of this trip. I want to go to Tokyo one day. It's on one of my MUST DO lists!

ian said...

bro. ganun na pala ako katagal di napapadpad dito... you're turning japanese with matching secret admirer pa? =] huwaw hehe

maybe it's God answer to you new year's day post? =]

stay safe. di ko na i-wish na stay warm kasi may nagpapa-warm na sa iyong kalooban... yeeeeheeee =]

yung kape ko nga pala- asan na? =] kitakits

Mojo Potato said...

ano yan may smoking lounge sa lahat ng district? (*ignorante mode grin*)

sana ganyan din sa pilipinas...malay natin pwede kang makipag-socialize sa fellow smokers dun...hehehe

coldman said...

Busy streets like NY. Find a japanese to hook up this Valentines! lol

islander_aryo said...

Janus: Mahirap talaga ang sumunod sa batas. Ang galing nga sa Davao e. Napapasunod talaga ang mga tao.

Carlotta: Magpalaki ka na kasi para di ka na matumba pagbalik mo ng Manhattan. Pwede ring isama mo ko para me tukod. :-)

Rochelle: Do visit Tokyo. Just give me notice.

islander_aryo said...

Sir Ian: ang hirap maging warm dito. Buti ka dyan, mukhang ok ang Valentines Day. Yung kape, pagbalik ko. Pramis!

mojo: alam mo, mkhang nagsosocialize nga sila dun. kunga marunong lang akong mag-Hapon, itatry ko makipag friends. :-)

coldman: hook-up ka diyan. e kung ma-yakuza kaya ako?

Ely said...

I saw this in Lost in Translation, starring Scarlet Johansen. Bat nga ba dami dami tao dyan? hehe

Ely said...

ndi ata napost ung comment ko dito? :P