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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Snow, Finally!

I guess you remember me fretting about missing snowfall while I was in the United States.

Well, I finally experienced what I so wanted for some time, so let me just wallow in it for a while and then let it rest.

It started early morning of Sunday. We were then coming out from an overnight “cruise” and excitement was evident from those we were with. It seemed that even the locals were not really accustomed to having snow in Tokyo. I still saw them rushing to the sidestreets to catch the falling flakes.

Problem was we had to go home. There the struggle began, because meeting the extreme cold became such a challenge. That I was a little younger than my companions made no difference. Now I know, icy cold is not my favorite weather. (grin)

We stayed indoors the whole day. It was useless trying to fulfill appointments when what you’ll extend is a freezing shaking hand.

(the view from where we stayed)

(snow-covered flowers at the Roppongi area)


coldman said...

at last nag snow na! Ang alam ko mahirap maligaw sa Japan.

Enjoy your trip!


I love snow!

Im so jealous... Snow hasn't really arrived at this part of the globe.. well, it's snowing in some parts of the UK, but not here.


carlotta1924 said...

japan!!!!!! i just love japan kahit di pa ako nakakapunta jan. =)

buti at na-experience mo narin snow. siguro kung anjan ako nagwala nako hehehe. =)

stay warm! =)

jean said...

i think it is a good sign. its a good luck.

Lawstude said...

wow panyero, international tripper (tourist pala) ka na. galing. pasalubong ha.

Gina said...

Hi Reo! Glad to see you've updated. =) Ingat dyan ha.

aajao said...

MABUHAY! Pwede na tayong magnegosyo ng halo-halo. lol. :P

bisdakbabbles said...

aha! so your destination was Tokyo! :D
I envy the people from Tokyo... there's not much snow in Osaka. It usually lasts for a few minutes and I missed all of those snowfalls!

Gypsy said...

Weee..can relate! Experienced my first snowfall last Christmas, made me feel giddilicious! :P

Abaniko said...

You should have gone out and created snowman. :)

palma tayona said...

except for the last pictures, the other two look so, well, depressing. i never liked winter - the white snow, the cold and the steamy cold breath you get when you exhale. i'm just too much of an island person to really like winter or snow.


wilfredo pascual said...

i am so envious!

Rochelle said...

I miss snow!!!!!

josh of Arabia said...

thats one thing my sister and family kept there in Tokyo..oh, i must really find ways and means to experience it for myself, too.

coolest regards Ryo! :)