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Monday, December 10, 2007

Taipei Revisited

My homeward trip brought me back to Taipei. Much as I would want to visit this memorable city again, there’s just no chance for extending my vacation. I thus contented myself with making calls – actually, waking up almost everybody willing to pick up their phones as I we arrived early in the morning.
With nothing much to post yet, allow me to feature here some of the shots I took before my flight to the US.

Pic 1 is a view of the city from the mountain district of Yangmingshan.

Next is Taipei 101, the worlds tallest building (the challenger, which is now taller, is still being completed), which also boasts of having the fastest elevators at 1,010 meters per minute. I went up its observatory (27 seconds up to the 85th floor), but unfortunately, it was on a foggy day. No good shots that time.
Below is St. Christopher’s Church – the haven for Filipinos especially on Sundays. But for some reason, the place seemed deserted when I was there. During the years when I was assigned in Taiwan, this place looked like Divisoria every day. Today, the crowd is not even a quarter of what it used to. There really must be lesser Pinoys there these days.

And finally, the area where I used to reside. Gawd! I miss this place. Memories.....! :-)

P.S. There is now a craze in Taipei which caused long queues and hour-long waits during its opening days. People flock to these places and make "tambay" there like it's Starbucks. It is ... this..

He he. Sarado na po nung dumaan kami, kaya walang tao.


carlotta said...

anong oras kayo dumaan sa mister donut? kung dito yan siguro di na nagsara sa dami ng tao hehe.

ano, naka-experience ka na ng snow?


Abaniko said...

Parang ghost town ang Taipei, ah. Siguro Sunday ka naggala, no?

aryo said...

carlotta: basta ang sabi sa akin, patok daw talaga ang mister donut nung pagbukas. kaya ang set-up dun, parang starbucks. teka, dito ba me pumipila sa mister donuts? :-)

abaniko: dapat nga super dami ng tao pag sunday sa Chungshan area. Pero nung andun ako, yun nga, parang ghost town. siguro nga, natakot sa akin. he he

dean said...

saya naman ng buhay ni kuya, travel lang to the max!

Gypsy said...

How did you get up to the observatory of Taipei 101? Was it free or did you have to pay?

Coldman said...

iba talaga ang turista! astig =)

aryo said...

Gypsy: Sadly, me bayad. NT$ 300 or roughly Php 400.00. Tapos foggy sa taas. He he. Ok lng.

Coldman: Ikaw kaya itong hanggang ngayon e nagto-tour ng US.

ian said...

hey. welkam hom. back to the real world hehe

LAD said...

wooo, nice photos. gnda ng place. sana makapag travel din ako ng matagal tagal.

nga pala, right, yung mga lenses ang dahilan ng pag kakaiba iba ng mga photos na kinukuha ko. depende kasi yun sa gusto mong ipakita sa photo. may pang macro, merong pang outdoor or indoor lenses, or kung gusto mong ma highlight yung isang subject lng out of many. hehe, :D salamat sa pagdaan, ingat ingat.

kegler747 said...

I would love to go to Taipei someday :)