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Monday, July 23, 2007

See Ya Folks at the (Indie) Movies!

I was in the middle of a dream during yesterday’s unusual Sunday afternoon nap when my cellphone unceremoniously blared out Chris Daugthry’s “It’s Not Over”. My favorite song alright, but hearing it at the time when the dream was reaching its climax (not mine, naughtyhead!) was definitely not enough to push me out of bed. So I grudgingly checked out who the intruder was, but I was jolted out of my semi stupor when I saw the caller ID – it was the most influential theater blogger of the decade, Gibbs Cadiz!

Wala lang naman. He just wanted to check if I have read his recent post on Cinemalaya. I admitted I haven’t. So he just asked me to visit his popular blog and help him spread the news about his new pakulo - the contest on the reviews re the Cinemalaya entries (for details see this).

Hmm. The Gibbs Cadiz asking me to help spread the word? Parang sasampu lang yata ang readers ko a, and most of them I guess are also his readers. Spill over na lang ang napupunta sa akin. Sige na nga.

Tutal, I do agree with him that we should check out the independent film phenomenon and judge for ourselves if it indeed offers a better alternative than the run-of-the mill Filipino movies being rammed down our throats. As many pundits profess, we’re not running out of creative talent. Our brighter stars simply remain unrecognized and uncompromising with their ideals. But I heard many of them are now making their presence felt through this exclusive filmfest. So let’s give them the plaudits they deserve. Wag na nating hintayin na mapansin muna sila ng foreign audiences bago tayo sumilip.

So guys, if you have time, do try visiting the CCP for the indie film entries. I have passed up on previous opportunities due to my pursuit of another career, but this time, mukhang balak kong balikan ang pagiging mass comm ko. So see you there.

And don’t forget to write your 5 dollars worth of praise or diatribe. Basta blog lang kayo. Bahala na ang judges mamroblema. And since kasama na sina Migs at Mcvie sa judges, me pag-asa na kayong manalo, he he.

And to Gibbs, wag kalimutan ang pasalubong!


MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...

sayang. sana dalhin din nila sa mindanao yan

aajao said...

good films talaga ang mga ganitong uri ng produksyon. minsan mas ok pa sila kaysa commercial films.

gibbs cadiz said...

hey aryo, salamat sa plugging! hayaan mo, me birch tree ka at fita biscuits pagbalik ko. walaaaanng... tulugan! :)

aryo said...

Mandaya: Request natin si Gibbs. Pa-sponsor nya sa Inquirer na dalhin ang entries sa Mindanao.

Nonoy: We'll see. Ikaw, di mo balak balikan ang pagiging mass comm mo?

Gibbs: Happy trip! enjoy!

carlotta said...

me bayad ba yung screenings?

slim whale said...

i don't really watch mainstream filipino movies because most of them are formulaic trash. but indie films are really good. they make me think that perhaps there is hope for this dying industry.

intsik said...


I wish I could join you in the celebration of Cinemalaya. it's an hour of plane trip from Cebu. huhuhuhuhu

ive ead Gibbs blog. and it is very interesting. konti pa lang na indie movies ang napanood ko. the last was the polo ravales starrer roomboy on dvd.

balitaan niyo na lang ako bai! hehehehe


yatot said...

i already watched "still life" it's worth checking out... too bad, wala na akong time para manood pa ng iba! ito lang ang napanood ko...

tutubi said...

dyan kami last saturday
bukas uli sana matuloy :)