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Monday, July 30, 2007

Sports Rantsblitz

CNN featured a full report on Iraq’s winning the Asia Cup against Saudi Arabia last night, something not so unlike the coverage it gave to the Middle East Wars. This was because the phenomenon is so “extrooordinary”, as Rosemary Church repeatedly blabbered, Iraq being the unheralded underdog. But from my view, it appeared more like continuing propaganda for the US, as the reports focused more on the celebrations in the American camps, and the guest commentator’s plea to use the event as a leverage for the promotion of peace and democracy in invaded Iraq. With so much free goodwill, I guess George Bush drowned himself in tequila last night and may just accord the players a White House reception one of these days. Who says sports and politics don’t mix?

* * *
BBC on other hand never even recognized the event, as it did not merit even a roller in its screen. Why the snub? Is this an indication that the British are now trying to wean themselves from the trouble that is Iraq?

* * *

In the home front, our basketball-crazy brethren are still panting over the RP five’s win over China. Never mind if the losing team was composed of China’s second stringers and was even beaten by Jordan. No Yao Ming there, my dear wishful-thinking friends.

I don’t understand why until today, we still dream of making it big in the basketball world when it’s obvious even to the untrained that we don’t stand the slightest damn chance. Yes! That, e
ven if we cheat the entire universe by claiming that those representing the Philippines now are Filipinos, even if the shameful truth is that they are Pinoys only by virtue of the genes of their pet dogs.
(Note: Just learned that Jordan clobbered the Pinoy Dreaming Team. I rest my case.)


the philosphical bastard said...

after the win, car bombs exploded in celebration. 17 people also died from celebratory gun fire. looks like iraqis really have a knack for this.. george bush, what have you done!?!

about the philippines. i think people are half patriotic, half misinformed. i'd rather go for patriotic.. if we gave the same focus to our soccer player, we'd probably have a greater chance at worldwide recognition. but i really love basketball. :P

Abaniko said...

If properly trained, I think we have a chance at other sports like soccer, etc. I don't also understand why we brown people are so fixated with basketball when we don't have the 'height'.

aryo said...

Paolo & Abaniko: I have nothing against Filipinos playing basketball, if only for fun. All I ask is for us to be realistic. For us to dream of the Olympics in this era, is "nincompoopic".:-) I guess soccer is where we should excel as height is not might in this sport
Thanks for dropping by, mga idol!

carlotta said...

sa tangkad ba naman ng mga taga-jordan, talagang mahaharangan nga nila ang mga shots ng phil. team.

intsik said...


cguro, im one of those na naghope pa rin ng good basketball outside the pba courts. international recognition. i know it's far-fetched, but the hope is alive and that what drives the players. i never disregard the fact that basketball is still the most pop sport in our country! hehehehe

slim whale said...

what else would we expect from the idiotic Bush?

i think our penchant for basketball has something to do with our close ties to the US. if it's popular there, it's got to hit it big here. nauseating.