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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Tale of a Heart 2

Nanay finally had her heart bypass yesterday.

She was brought to the Operating Room at 9:00 a.m.. We tried to comfort and encourage her but it was a herculean task against a backdrop of another patient nearby, shouting in pain as frequently as he breathed.

We waited until about 3:00 p.m. for the result.

"She is fine. Had three blocks cleared," said the doctor as he called us.

She is now in the ICU, transferred there from the Recovery Room where the critical first 24 hours had to pass.

We all pray that full recovery will come soonest.


Abaniko said...

Here's praying for the fast recovery of your mom.

Anonymous said...

Dolor, USA- Dangan Nilda, I pray for your speed recovery.

Anonymous said...

Dolor, USA- Polit , singa na kaaw, haven't heard from you for ages.
We had a stop over in London on our way to Greece and Turkey for a holiday. Please keep in touch. My email-

Anonymous said...

Dolor USA, Dangan Nilda, you will be in prayers for a speed recovery.

Polit from UK, is that you? How are you? Haven't heard from you for ages. Please do keep in touch. My email,

Reo, please contact us when you visit USA.

gibbs cadiz said...

she and you are in my prayers, bud. :)

Anonymous said...

Dolor USA, Dangan, how are you feeling now. I will remember you in my prayers for your full recovery.Regards.

Reo, good job for putting up this website. Heard you are coming to US. We are here should you need a place to stay.

mauipacquiao said...

she will be in my prayers.

aryo said...

Abaniko, Gibbs and Maui: Thanks a lot.

aryo said...

Mana Dolor: Thank you. I'll tell Nanay about your concern.

Ernesto said...

Hope your mom recover fast as she can!