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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Morning Madness

Fronting us was sheer pandemonium.
We were rushing to the office, but there was no way we could move. The light signals go, but buses and cars were blocking us. Those at the end of the queue continue to push forward. We weren't moving. For minutes..
But just beside us was this MMDA office. And there they were -- a flock of traffic enforcers chatting... oblivious of the chaos developing at their very noses.


carlotta said...

kakaasar no? dapat sa kanila sinisigawan o kaya kunan na ng video.

Rochelle said...

I was amazed how FEW accidents happen in the Philippines because people drive crazy... but then again, you rarely get to drive very fast so IF there is an accident, it's usually not too bad!!

aryo said...

Carlotta: Pasalamat sila wala akong dalang armalite nun. Na high blood kasi talaga ako e. :-)

Rochelle: Few? I'm not sure. Maybe they have become so common they''re not being reported anymore. But you're right, we rarely drive fast since traffic's always heavy. That's why it was argued before that implementing a seatbelt law was all for show as there really is no need for it specially in Metro Manila. :-)

Kev12 said...


sobra traffic! ..

hay naku.. di talaga marunong mga filipinos sumunod sa mga traffic rules..even the stop light.. ;(

Oh well..tnx for the drop!
replied to it nah..
see my blog na lng poh.. ;)