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Friday, June 29, 2007

Reality Check

I saw a college buddy on TV last night, acting as one of the lawyers for Migz Zubiri at the the Supreme Court oral arguments.

My automatic innocent reaction was: “Boy! He looks so old!” Basis? Thick eyeglasses, pampered beer belly.

But the resident ogre at the back of mind blurted back: “If he is old, you too should be, right?”


Long, long pause.

“Hindi a. I definitely look very much younger!!”

He he. Talaga namang in denial.


janus said...

LOL... Alam mo bang denial is the fiorst stage of having cancer? hahaha! Nah, just joking... It's the first stage when a patient just discovered that she or he has cancer... :)

jc.guiyab said...

it doesn't who looks young but who age grafully :)

Chris Cafuir said...

be proud to wear wrinkles and scars, for they make you look wise.

jc.guiyab said...

kulang ng matter

"it doesn't matter whoo looks young but who age grafully :)"

ayan :)


MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...

hay aryo, wag damdamin ang pagtanda. ang importante ay may pinagkatandaan

carlotta said...

lol. ano kaya ang mas ok, looking old o feeling old? =)