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Monday, May 7, 2007

Goma for Senator? Really now..

I had a hard time listening to Richard Gomez last night during the “Isang Tanong” episode aired by Channel 7. The exchange was painful, as it went this way:

Asking about his stand on political turn-coatism, Mel Tiangco laid the predicate by noting how he shopped for a senatorial slot in both the Genuine Opposition and Team Unity tickets.

Gomez quickly answered by retelling the saga of his senatorial dream – something already known to every Juan and Pedro. Reminded that he only had 2 minutes to reply, he signaled that he was aware of it and went on. His time lapsed without him saying anything about the real question.

He was then asked who among the many actors and media personalities previously elected to the Senate have by far distinguished themselves in the service. His answer? A very general remark implying that there were those who did well and those who faltered. He ended with the standard “we just wanted to serve” line.

Then the final query, solicited from a fellow candidate. He was asked his take on the parliamentary system of government. Any college student who has gone through PolSci 11 would have had his brilliant stand. Gomez’s? He was all for constitutional change as long as it will not benefit the incumbents, thus, changes must wait until 2010. What happened to his stand on the parliamentary form of government. Nothing.

Richard Gomez for Senator? Spare me.

Just wondering, what process does one go through to be able to convince himself that he could be more than how much his brain could support him? Has self-assessment become such a strange concept?


maui pacquiao said...


carlotta said...

i agree! sayang di ko napanood pero sana maraming taong nanood nun ay naintindihan ang laman (o kawalang-laman...?) ng kanyang mga sagot.

and yeah, kay migz zubiri ako! woohoo! =)

bea said...

I watched the two episodes of GMA's Isang Tanong and I couldn't help but laugh at the answers of some senatoriables. One candidate, a former senator, was asked something like "Aside from making laws, what are the other duties of a senator?" The said senatoriable went on to detail how a las is passed in the Senate.

If candidates like Mr. Gomez (or that senatorial I was referring to) get elected, quo vadis, iroy nga tuna? Will you still be matam-is pagpuy-an?

aryo said...

Maui: thanks.

Carlotta: Wag ka ng manghinayang na di mo napanood. Sumakit lang din sana ulo mo.

Bea: Kaluluoy gud man san iroy nga tuna. Sanglit ngani ma-abroad na la ako, he he.

Taga diin ka balitaw?

bea said...

I'm from Catarman but I left the said town (and my family) when I was 13. I consider myself a true-blooded Catarmananon and Samarnon.