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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"Lea Salonga: Uncut"

I’m not really a big fan of hers, but I did like her Sunday night. She was in her element, singing perfectly. And she looked so radiant! For some reason, she exuded a different glow – so unlike her usual aura in television shows. She even looked like Gretchen Barreto’s better twin.

I’m talking about Lea Salonga who performed at the PICC for a concert sponsored by the Adamson University in celebration of the latter’s Diamond Jubilee. Striving for a connection, the organizers dubbed the show “Lea Salonga: Uncut” – with the emcee referring to Lea as a raw diamond.

Poor metaphor.

For Lea has become the epitome of class. She is now sophistication personified. For all intents and purposes, she is a polished gem. Indeed, there was no display of rawness during the entire show.

I submit she is not the best that the Philippines has, if singing talent was the only measure. But it was she who captivated the world, for reasons clearly beyond our regular standards. She possessed something else.

What that was, I’m not certain. But her concert confirmed what many critics have been lamenting all these years – singing is beyond vocal histrionics … one need not bust his lungs in order to enthrall.

I have no beef against belters. What I detest is turning singing into an athletic activity where singers try to reach the highest of notes as if they were chasing world records. Try and try until….

I appreciate singers like Lea who hit the right tones at the proper time, not those who know nothing but high notes. I actually thought that Jed Madela, one of the guests, was one of the first, but he surprisingly showed variety. And boy, he was good! Lea even described him as “hindi tao”. He made mincemeat of the classic “Impossible Dream”.

It was nice seeing Philippine Idol finalist Gian Magdangal as another guest. I liked his “Superstar” a la Usher, but for the other songs, he was tentative. Well, who wouldn’t? Performing with the best can only tax one’s confidence.

I was fortunate to have watched Lea before she conquers New York anew as Fantine in Les Miserables (thanks Gibbs!). I will never be able to see her play the role on Broadway stage, but I sure know what she’s going to deliver.
That’s enough to make me feel proud.


peejay said...

Yeah, lousy taste in concert title. Makes her sound like an unbaptized newbie, which she hardly is. Hehe.

Hey thanks for visiting my blog.


Why stop at two bottles? If you know you're gonna have a hangover might as well push the limit and give it all you've got. =)

aryo said...

Thanks for the visit Peejay.

Unbaptized? Something else comes to mind when one hears the word "uncut", di ba? he he.

And as to our drinking sessions, honestly, we normally breach the 2 bottle limit. Ang hirap na kasing magpigil pag nagkakasayahan.

Hmm. Baka ikaw, me balak magpainom. Am sure 2 bottles will not be enough. :-)

richard said...

all i can say, she's one of a kind!

she makes me proud PINOY!

kahit ano mangyari, two-thumbs up pa rin ako sa kanya.. hehe :-)

Anonymous said...

Omg! did i enjoy reading ur blog! wish i cud write as well as u do! bravo!

Was just chatting with michelle & she mentioned ur blog to me so i checked it out right away. galing mo tlaga magsulat.

P.S. my warmest regards to Mrs. Andarino. How is she now? hugs and kisses for her.


aryo said...

Ei Richard! Thanks for the visit.