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Friday, February 23, 2007

The Countdown Begins

"Patience is power; with time and patience the mulberry leaf becomes silk."
—Chinese proverb

There is now talk of specific dates as to when the results of the 2006 bar examinations will fly off the Supreme Court’s tightly guarded vaults. “March 22”… so says the circling whisper. “ March 22” … so say the hushed tones that sound not so unlike voodoo chants.

Of course, we all realize that all that is idle talk. Plain rumors. No one, as of yet, knows just exactly when. And setting dates only makes the waiting more tension-filled, more nerve-wracking, more agonizing.

Why then do the bar hopefuls continue to feed on the rumors? Is ignorance not bliss? (If you'd only see the criss-crossing text messages, e-mails, chats and other conversations on the matter, you'll know what I mean.)

Let me have some uninformed guesses (sorry, my psychologist alter ego just jumped off the window). I guess we want to figure out the exact date because we want to determine when the waiting will end. Uncertainty cultivates gloom. I bet it’s easier to run the marathon when you know how far lies the finish line.

We all want to move forward after this – either we made it or we faltered. Whatever the results may be, we’d like to know ASAP so we may plan and decide on what to do next.

But the waiting is part of this challenge that we chose to take. To endure a little more brings us in communion with all those who have been through the same path. After this, we shall be brothers …(hopefully).

Yes, it doesn’t help that the results of the medical board exams were released yesterday only after a few days of waiting. Much as we would like to wish that the same be applied to the bar examination, I’m convinced that such will come not in the very near future. The fraternity of lawyers deeply treasures its traditions and I foresee no immediate abandonment of the rites and rituals that separate the legal profession from the other callings.

So to all of us 2006 bar examinees, let’s just run the entire course and have fun observing the countdown to nowhere. Anyway, one thing is sure in the scheme of things – the day of reckoning will definitely come.


~The DuKe of SeAs~ said...

Yes,I agree with you! Ignorance is bliss and human nature is just so weird at times.
Here is another example...
Think of a person close to you.Out of a thousand good deeds he did to you,you will remember only one bad deed amd your friendship is over. That's weird but really true :D
God bless!

Ferdz said...

Wow! That's what I don't like really....waiting for something with uncertainty. ANyways, good luck on your Bar Exam results. Hopefully you get great news

darkangelgel said...

the agony of waiting ... it sucks, really ...

good luck, ser! balitaan mo kami.

aryo said...

Thanks a lot, Duke, Ferdz and Angelgel.

LAWSTUDE said...

You are right, we are anxious of the date because we have to move on. When I took up the CPA Board, it only took 3 days before I learned that I have passed. But this time in the BAR, the waiting period of almost 6 months is killing me. Let us just pray for the best.

bananas said...

ey! would be lawyer, thanks for dropping by my blog.

good luck. wishing u good results, i mean, favorable bar results.

neways, ciara is not a Kabataan nominee. she's a member and i guess, she will never be considered a nominee...ever.

well, not because i don't have confidence over her capacity, which i don't have knowledge about, but because i know there are a lot more youth leaders out there who deserve to be the party's nominee.

but fyi, the group's number nominee is Mong Palatino, the last being is Angel Locsin's sister.


aryo said...

Lawstude: I have started receiving text messages from reviewmates from all over the country, asking if I have any inside information. Of course, while I do have friends from within the SC, still, every information leaked will be hearsay. So, it will better if I do not spread anything. Yun nga lang, the queries only add more tension to the already heated environment. Anyway, let's just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Thanks for the visit.

aryo said...

Ei Bananas! Thanks for the good wishes. Sana nga makalusot.

Kapatid ni Angel Locsin ang nominee? Hmm. Ano basis? Vital Stats? He he. Of course, I'm confident you know better.