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Monday, February 19, 2007

Crystal Ball Talk

The Chinese New Year has just set in. And this is supposed to be how our Eastern brethren reads what’s in store for me:

“There will be positive news from all quarters of the world. Your stars are pumping out abundant acclaim at your work and home. There will be dramatic alterations in your life. Such changes will be beyond your anticipation.”

“If you have been considering a change of career or company, this year will be favorable to make the move. Changes will take place in your life during 2007 that will set the stage for future progress.”

I’m not much of a believer in astrology, or for that matter, anything related to prescience. I’m a cynic by heart. But if the predictions were this positive and hopeful, how would a tattered and weakened soul react but look forward in anticipation?

Okay, okay. That actually is how fortune-telling operates. The desperados are the easiest of preys.

But then again …

Bear with me. But I’ll try to think positive this time. I'm taking the better choice -- counting on luck.

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