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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wow! Shanghai!

My apologies to our Department of Tourism, but I think this catch phrase augurs better with Shanghai. If we talk of amazement, excitement or of extreme awe - I am sure that's just what every visitor feels the moment he gets a full view of this city's fantastic skyline.

One would feel like he's in a city seen in Star Wars. Tatlo piso ang skyscrapers and most of the buildings are of no ordinary design. Well, let's allow the pictures to speak for themselves.

(Yes. There's a Robinson's Galleria at the outskirts of Shanghai.)

And the buildings take a life of their own at night! The entire Citibank building becomes an electronic billboard (with pictures and all), but the rest would not also allow themselves to pale in its shadow. The Pearl Tower (the Eiffel Tower of the East) for one is similarly breath-taking. And the old European-style buildings pose a striking contrast to the imposing new structures, showing every tourist what the word "fusion" means, not only of the old and the new but of the East and the West as well. The pictures below were taken during the chilly river cruise we took (the temperature was below zero), where we were treated to a show of lights from both banks of the Shanghai river.

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