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Thursday, January 25, 2007


You were accused of stashing a handsome amount of public funds. These are allegedly kept in the vaults of the Philippine Republic Bank. Ano ang gagawin mo?

Two scenarios:

If you are innocent:

Defend your honor. Sue your accuser and do everything in your power to disprove him. I mean, everything! Give him whatever he asks of you. This includes the waiver that would allow the Anti-Money Laundering Council to request the concerned financial institution to check the veracity of the claim. Sign the waiver and shove it into your persecutor’s ass .. er … face.

Since there really is no account – whether dormant, active, closed or transferred, how will a waiver hurt you? It will simply end up a useless document. Pahiya siya ngayon. Then you’ll be vindicated.

If you are guilty:

Never give any information or document that will lead the investigators to the loot. Ano sila, sinuswerte? You are always presumed innocent unless proven otherwise. Those who allege must produce the evidence.

Confuse the enemy. Engage them in legal reasoning like “why should I sign the waiver when there is nothing to waive in the first place? That’s sheer stupidity! I don’t have an account in PRB Tacloban Branch, period! (Wag magkakamali. Always limit your pronouncements to PRB Tacloban Branch. Nailipat na kasi sa PRB Head Office ang pera at handa na ring ilipat sa ibang bangko, he he).

Challenge your accuser to go to Tacloban and check with the Manager himself. Surely, the latter will swear to his grave that you do not maintain an account with his branch.

Ensure that the investigation is limited to PRB Tacloban. Should they ask about PRB Head Office or any other branch, sigaw agad: “Irrelevant, Your Honor!” Object ‘til your throat explodes. And of course, insult the prosecutor so as to divert his focus.

And most importantly, never forget to bring your friends to the investigation to serve as jury. You will go through the process, but you all know how it will end. (wink wink)


jary said...

nice blog :) saw ur link from one of my pal's blog :) keep it up :)

Anonymous said...

You are the most pitiful creature I have ever encountered on this planet. Obviously you have a lot of problems in life that is why you even notice ( and even get enraged) by the posters that you see in the streets of Manila. First and foremost, you have no right to say that the Atienzas are corrupt since you are not from Manila (which you have stupidly admitted) and it even came from you that the Atienzas were not charged a single lawsuit that shows their shrewdness, so what the hell is wrong with you?? I respect how you feel however, I just pray that you find other things to do than to be negative about the things around you. I believe in the verse that says " The heart defiles a man".. obviously, your heart is just so bitter that you find fault on the people that you dont even know. You dont know the Atienzas and the wonderful things that they have done for the city, and for the country as a whole so please just shut up. Lastly, since you are an ignorant person, Ali deserves to be included in the posters of Mayor Atienza because he has always been behind his projects.... and now is just the time to show to the public the great projects that he quietly put up behind his father's administration. It is such a pity that you see things that way.... I wish you happiness because obviously, you do not have that.