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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Muscle Uncontrolled

12:00 o’ clock midnight: Tokyo.

Train stations were abuzz with people on the rush, all trying to catch the final trip. Most of these harried commuters came from some good time somewhere, their tummies filled with beer or whatever concoctions imaginable.

I was on my last station. Before the exit, I’d have to take a very long escalator, from the drop-off point submerged in the deepest dungeons of the Metro subway.
I queued on the left side of the moving staircase (the right side is for moving traffic), and just took a lazy ride. In front of me was a girl with her boyfriend.

As the escalator rose, so did she in my view. She wore green shorts – the shortest possible type. Her killer shoe heels were silver -coated, and a pair of almost invisible stockings hugged her long, slender, unblemished legs.

I tried not to put microscopic looks on her exposed limbs, but something suddenly caught my attention: small streams of water started to flow down her legs!

I had to pinch my eyes to confirm what was unfolding right in front of me, but truly, my eyes have remained 20/20 all these years. The girl was indeed peeing in her pants!

The escalator’s end is yet far out. I know there was a toilet somewhere near the exit.

But she just stood there. Relaxed and poised like a model unperturbed.

And then came a sudden gush of pee that could send Noah’s Ark ashore. She just poured it all! From our vantage point, it seemed like rain shower in stormy July, or better yet, an unsightly leak from broken gutter pipe.

I almost leaped off the stairs to avoid the deluge. But I was just too shocked to move. All of us, including those riding the escalator on the opposite side could only manage wry smiles.

The agony (for us, captured audience, actually) ended just as she casually sauntered to the welcoming arms of the now-useless CR. And she, honestly, didn't seem to mind at all.



Pathbinder said...

Forgive me but seriously:


I can't think of anything to say any further, sorry. :/

Abou said...

baka disfunctional lang talaga ung muscle control nya sa pag ihi. ewan. something might just be wrong with her.

Rochelle said...

Oh. MY. GOODNESS!!! I had to reread this just to make sure it wasn't a joke or something!!! OH MY!!!

Goodness.... and that's all I better say about that!!

vince said...

DAMN that's not right...

Well she was hot anyway right?

My .02


R-yo said...

Pathbinder: WTF! talaga!

Abou: Me nagsabi nga ng ganun. Pero dapat tumakbo man lang siya nung maramdaman nya. Pero poised lang talaga siya e. Yung boypren nga parang wala ring nakita.

Rochelle: Imagine my shock, he he.

Vince: I don't think i could ever associate the word "hot" with her after what I saw. :-)

Ely said...

Japan right? I believe thats intentional.

aajao said...


woopss.. excuse me. pero... pucha talaga!

Abaniko said...

Hahaha. Peeing in her pants with poise and elegance, huh? I like that. I wonder if the boyfriend can beat it by confidently pooping in his pants. Gross. Sorry. You started it. ;)

Abad said...

Baka may sakit naman siya. O sibrang kapal lang talaga ng mukha niya. hay. i lab japan.

Gina said...

The girl probably had lots of practice for her to be able to 'carry' IT with aplomb =P

She probably needs adult diapers, no?

buhaybarracks said...

matagal ka na sa blogroll ko..add mo din ako ha..
bicolano ka?
salamat..basa muna ko blog mo..dami ko namiss...pahinga kasi ako sa pgsusulat at bawas na rin pgbabasa ko...salamat

acey said...

wow... i don't know what else to say. wow...

carlotta1924 said...

lol @ abaniko =)

o. my. goodness. grabe.

R-yo said...

ely: intentional, yes, if you mean she knew what she was doing. pero i still think she really wanted to control it but it just burst. :-)

aajao: he he. mas mapapamura ka siguro if u were in my place at matilamsikan ng konti.

abaniko: yaikkss! you're so....

R-yo said...

abad: sobrang lasing or bloated lang talaga siya siguro. im still giving her the benefit of the doubt.:-)

Gina: Mas malaki pa yata ang adult diapers sa shorts nya e. Yun nga ang nakakatawa- nag trip mag pasexy pero in the end nawala lahat ng pretty points niya. Hay ewan.

buhaybarracks: will link you asap

R-yo said...

acey: parehas pala tayo. speechless sa nangyari. :)

carlotta: ;-)

dean said...


Tami said...

wow, only someone very secure with herself can pull off a stunt like that! ibang tao pa ang nabother sa nangyari at hindi sya! =D