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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Waiting For My "Hanami"

It’s cherry-blossom time in Japan.

It’s the time of the year when the bland, monochromatic winter bows out of the scenery, to usher in a colorful spring. Out of the bald stems of trees would sprout millions of flowers (mostly Sakura) – all celebrating the beauty that nature brings. The Japanese can’t thus be blamed if they get crazy when this season unfolds; for the scenery is indeed such a magnificent view to hold. Until today, you can see them camping beneath the trees … drinking, singing, chatting; an activity they call "hanami" or cherry blossom viewing.

But there's something more philosophical about this event. At this time of the every year, one gets reminded of the circle of life. It restates the fact that life, at one point, could get very beautiful. At a certain point, it could be very bountiful, very successful, very promising…

But not for long though. The flowers that bloomed like popcorns from nowhere, will all fall to the ground in a matter of days – ravaged by the greater forces of rain and wind. These spoilers come without falter; they come immediately after spring breathes its first. After that, most of the trees will simply be green, living normal, unexciting plant lives. Then, the inevitable winter will come again and rob them of whatever color is left of them.


A cycle.

But why does mine seem more like a see-saw? High once, low next. Nothing in between. No long lulls of relative calm and peace.

I wish to be no exception to the vicissitudes of life. All I want is for my life to at least follow a circle. And I hope that circle stops long enough when I'm on top. That's when I reach my “hanami” stage – that phase where one simply sits back to appreciate the bounty he has gathered with the turning of time.

As it is, with the misfortunes that befall me, almost in succession (not that I don’t have major successes), I surely hope there’s more out there awaiting me. There I expect a blanket of flowers that respect no seasons, not just a bouquet of ephemeral beauties.


Someone once said: “birds sing immediately after the passage of every storm; why can't people delight with every little sunshine that’s left of them?”

My take:

First: Are we sure they're singing?

Second: People don’t live by little sunshine alone.


Abaniko said...

As always, "bounty" and "happiness" are relative. Maybe, your standards are just too high. Need a change of perspective and be happier? For all you know, your hanami's there for the longest time, only you don't take heed.

At manenermon ba talaga? Hehe.

coldman said...

there's a rainbow after the rain.. ano daw? wala lang, kanta ng southborder. Hahaha!

ewan ko ba, bat ang lalim mo nagyon. =)

R-yo said...

Abaniko: Ok lang po. Your sermon is well taken, Father Abaniko. (ampangit. di bagay, he he)

Coldman: Sensya na. Naka senti mood pa rin kasi. Pero pag pinadalhan mo ko plane ticket to the US, for sure mababago yan. heheh

pepe M. said...

very poetic and melancholic :)

Gypsy said...

Wow, these cherry blossoms are beautiful! We have different varieties here, too but I don't think they look as amazing as these!

Your philosophical reflection just reminded me of tuloy ako to blog about it..hmm..

Lawstude said...

Wow. Sarap naman jan. Glad you experienced it (the place not the loss) Light-up panyero.

Keitaro Hanazawa said...

Uwian mo ko ng Sakura ha!

Abou said...

i bask in the sunshine no matter how little there is in my life. sometimes storms overstay. yet somehow we know it has to end somewhere. the flowers has to bloom you know.

carlotta1924 said...

try to stop and reflect on the good things that happened to you even in the midst of your gloomy thoughts. i can say that helped me a lot before. :D

Josh of Arabia said...

Someone once said: “birds sing immediately after the passage of every storm; why can people delight with every little sunshine that’s left of them?”

i luv such quote in as much as i enjoyed those cherry blossoms :)

regards bro..


cool.. I actually never thought it that way.. if birds do really sing... who knows, they might be swearing/cursing each other at that moment?

a thought provoking post, and very nice pictures accompanied it. well done!

Rochelle said...

Beautiful!! And I like how you compared it to the cycle of life.... so very true!