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Friday, August 21, 2009

Reversing Ninoy

I was introduced to Ninoy from the opposite side of the fence - as I was then a Marcos boy. I belonged to the last batch of Kabataang Barangay leaders, and as such, I looked forward to a career in politics under the tutelage of mentors who revered the Apo.

I thus knew Ninoy to be not as heroic as he is pictured today. I thought of him as the rebel-villain - the nemesis of my idol. I fear him as the spoiler, someone out to mess with my then clearly-planned future.

And he did! Had he not died, there would have been no Cory fever, no revolutionary government. It was during the reign of the OICs when I was stopped from assuming the Provincial Board seat for the youth. I was then but a high school student. Imagine my deep resentment for the unfortunate turn of events.

My frustrations drove me to Manila for college (instead of UP Tacloban where I was already admitted). But it was there when eye-openers came my way. Exposed to militant organizations, I began to value the dreams that Ninoy fought for. Stories I haven't heard from my mentors started to creep into my consciousness and changed many of my prejudices. In the end, I knew to whom history would be kinder.

Now, I am saluting Ninoy as a true hero of our time.

And on a personal note, no regrets really. I realized politics is not really my cup of tea. I'd rather be just another Ninoy. I am.


the donG said...

he'll be one of the most important person in the country. one can still be inspired through his words that he left to the country.

nice to know that you actually witnessed both sides.

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

I grew up not really knowing Ninoy. When he was murdered 26 years ago, I thought it won't shake and rattle Philippine politics. And now, the Philipines have come so far since his death. You're right, there would be no Cory without him.

Ely said...

Wow, same here. Nasa kabilang bakod din before. At least narealize mo na dati pa unlike me na naiintindihan lang lahat nung mamatay na si Cory.

I salute Ninoy too!

BlogusVox said...

Ganyan din ang tatay ko. His a marcos loyalist. To him, marcos is the epitome of a true leader and the savior of our nation. Kasi, news of abuses by marcos' business cronies and henchmen does not reached the provinces. Since I study in Manila, our views always clashes every time we have a political discussion.