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Monday, July 13, 2009

Seoul Patrol

I just got back from another short visit to Seoul. After two postponements, the joint celebrations for Philippine Independence Day, Migrant Workers Day and Philippine-Korea Friendship Day finally pushed through. And as is normal for events like these, Pinoys came in droves. And since we were there for business, we hardly had a glimpse of the festivities as we were busy manning the company booth. It was pure hard work I tell you. I lost all poise as I sweated profusely with my barong on. The heat was unbearable despite the venue being a park beside a river.

And since there really wasn't much to blog about, let me just share some random shots that I took while walking around Seoul.

- I saw this makeshift sleeping box at the underpass near Seoul. From the looks of it, seems like the occupant is in deep slumber.

"Peeing Bridge"
- This is Banpo Bridge which shoots out water every once in a while, to the relief of the sun-scorched promenaders below it.

- This sign was posted at the airport duty free shop. We already rocked our brains out but still failed to decipher what it meant. Help, anyone?

- Whoever owns this motorcycle really puts it to maximum use. Those plants are for sale.


Everlito (ever) Villacruz said...

meron din palang condo sa ilalim ng tulay dyan...

anu raw yung vacance?

buti kapa papasyal pasyal lang.;)

Abaniko said...

Ginagawa mo namang parang kusina lang ang Seoul.

Yung sign naman, it only means "the coolest moving-out sale." Mababakante na raw kasi sila. Paalis na. Galing ko, no?

r-yo said...

ever: kahit pala sa korea madami ding homeless..

r-yo said...

abaniko: alam mo, parang me tama ka! he he. moving out yung vacance?

jasperjugan said...

kakaiba ang findings mo sa korea ah! nice haha

feeling ko din moving out sale yan

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