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Thursday, July 3, 2008

How Should I Meet You, Fuji San?

I know it will be a shame if I will not have, even at least a glimpse, of Mount Fuji while I’m stationed here.

But since I’m here for work, that opportunity doesn’t come easy. Since day one, I have been waiting for some chance, but none came.

Until now. Finally, a schedule is set. July 12 it is!

But as corny as life could get, I’m now quite baffled. Two options stare me in the face:

One: Join a group climbing Mt. Fuji on the 12th and watch sunrise from one of its stations;

Or join another group in a big picnic on a mountain resort where Mt. Fuji can be viewed from a distance.

I have to make the choice in a few minutes.

Darn! I can’t decide! Help!

(Note: The pics are not mine. Click them if you want to know the source.)


the donG said...

option one is the best for me!

is it higher than mt mayon?

acey said...

oh wow!!! now i'm excited for you, kuya aryo. both sound great options, but if you want an adenture, you should go for #1. :) but if you just wanna get away from life in the city for the weekend, #2 sounds nice, too. :)

share pics, ok?

R-yo said...

Dong: Am not familiar with the height.

Acey: still can't make up my mind. i committed to both muna. patay ako nito, heheh

Anonymous said...

an incredible sight if you're on top.....on airline board...near narita...

Gina said...

inny minny minie moe...

I would like to do both. But since I don't have prior mountain climbing experience (and we know from readings and tv docus,etc what high altitudes can do to respiration or people that might have respiratory / heart problems), I would opt for the second one- just admiring it from a vantage point. It does look truly spectacular! And when I've done my 'homework' about the mountain- the terrain, the height, how difficult or how easy it is to ascend it, the possible dangers,etc.,then the next chance i get, I will climb it na.

TENTAY™ said...

Fuji di ba un ung fuji? yung apple? o adik nanaman ako. hay lutang.

pero pumunta ka!!!! wag ka magsisi!!!

Misterhubs said...

Inggit ako.

Ely said...

nice view of Mt. Fuji...parang Mayon Volcano, hehe

pepe M. said...

stop being a lazy bum!
Option 1 is the BEST! thats a lot more thrilling... goh na!

R-yo said...

anonymous: incredible indeed. lalo na pag snow-capped siya. that i can say from the pictures i saw. :-D

gina: tode exertion na nga ako sa gym para maghanda, pero hindi pa yata. bahala na.

Tentay: ano na naman ba tinira mo? yung fuji, yun po yung photocopying machine! :-)

R-yo said...

misterhubs: anytime naman pwede ka pumunta ng japan at sugurin ang fuji. kaya wag ka na mainggit.

ely: lagi ko na nadadaanan Mayon e. kaya check ko naman muna to si lolo fuji. :-)

pepe: he he. go sagoh!

carlotta1924 said...

option number 1 na lang! work out ze kinks in yer muscles! hehehe =)

caryn said...

hahaha! juls and i have never braved the heights of fuji. every year we start off with the thought that 'this is the year we go up fuji' but its been 7 years now and all i've ever seen is fuji's peak peeking out occassionally through tokyo's smog.

go for the hike. it'll help you bond with the mountain. hehehe. mas masarap yung mga pinaghihirapan kuno. hahah!

BlogusVox said...

If your in good physical health and has a sence of adventure in your blood, I'll opt for #1.

But Mt. Fuji, with its snow capped peak, almost perfect cone and majestic somewhat mystic appearance is well appreciated from a distance. Personally I prefer to watch her from afar.

Juz said...

>>>IM BACK!!<<<

mt.fugi is soo beutiful to see..

hmm if you are a mountain track guy.. go for the walk..
but if not..
its better to view it in a distance while having a good picnic party..

Keitaro Hanazawa said...

WOW! yun lang daw nasabi. pero ang ganda naman. sana mavisit ko rin siya. pero try ko muna i-visit ang Mayon at Apo.:D

Abaniko said...

It's a no-brainer for me. I'd go for the first group. The mountain can be viewed from afar anytime. But not all can say that they've witnessed the spectacular sunrise from Mt. Fuji. Go, climb! :)